Safety dog seat belt


Safety dog seat belt
Safety dog seat belt Safety dog seat belt Safety dog seat belt Safety dog seat belt Safety dog seat belt Safety dog seat belt Safety dog seat belt Safety dog seat belt
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The story below is a true story which just happened 

  • “How This $19 Seat Belt Saved My Dog And My Family’s Life”

    Lisa Finley

    Tuesday April 28, 2020

    Last week, I was in an accident. Sam, my lab terrier mix, was in the back of the car with me.

    It all happened so fast. One moment, I was driving down the street. The next moment, I saw a car flying at me through my peripheral vision. And BAM! We were spinning and screeching to the side of the road.

    When we came to a stop, the car was totaled and there was a burning smell. I was shocked but fortunately not injured. And my poor little puppy was in the back, shaking and a bit scared but otherwise fine.


    My poor little puppy was in the back, shaking and scared…

    A few minutes later, a police officer arrived to the scene. As he made out the report, he told me something chilling.

    Unrestrained horror stories

    “It’s good that you had the dog restrained in the back,” the police officer said. Based on the speeds involved and the way we hit, he was sure Sam would have become a canine projectile, flying through the windshield and not surviving the crash. And he told me a couple of other horror stories.

    How A "Canine Projectile" Looks

    A couple of months earlier, a mom was doing 55 down the freeway. Her son, about 12 years old, was in the front seat with her. Their Bernese was in the back. When she slammed on the brakes to avoid a truck that pulled in front of her, that dog became an unrestrained 120-lb missile that flew into the back of the child’s head.

    Unsafe for everybody

    In a crash, a dog will often be badly injured as it sails through windows or into panels. But sometimes, people get the worst of it. The police officer told me of an elderly man who crashed into a pole at full speed. His little dog, who loves to go for drives, distracted him by jumping into his lap.


    He has seen people lying on the road and begging him to find their dogs…

    The police officer told me he has seen people lying on the road, severely injured after a crash, and begging him to find their dogs who have run off because they’re scared. Can you imagine how awful this would be? Let me show you.

    A frightened Maltese loose on a 5-lane freeway

    About a year ago, the news were full of video of a frightened little Maltese, loose and on the run in the middle of a I-17, a five-lane freeway. He was weaving in and out of cars. Traffic was backed up for miles behind this little guy as people slowed down or pulled over to try to help out. But he was so scared he just kept running.

    Can you imagine how scared he must have been?

    This can happen if a dog gets loose in an accident. But it can even happen with an open car window. I read of a dog that was thrown from the car when the owner had to slam on the brakes. The dog wasn’t even hanging out of the window, just sitting in the back seat. Which brings me the important point I want to make.

    Illegal in Canada, Spain, Germany

    There’s an easy fix for all these horror situations. It’s simply to restrain your dog while you’re driving. The fact is, in many parts of the world — Canada, Spain, Germany — it’s illegal to have your dog unrestrained in a moving car.


    Without the seat belt, Sam would almost certainly not be with me today…

    I completely support this. A car seat belt is was what saved Sam’s life. Without it, he would almost certainly not be with me today. Get your dog a seat belt today and keep them away from danger!

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